The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011)

Lloré. He visto como los libros vuelan como aves, juegan piano como hombres, desayunan como niños, y son atendidos quirúrgicamente con tape y cariño. He visto como el alma de los libros dan color a las personas. ¿Puedo morir en paz?


Necesito escribir.   Me siento con un lápiz y una hoja de papel. Y no puedo. Nada brota de mis dedos. A gritos me piden descanso luego de una larga y pesada jornada drapeando con alfileres... Seguramente a eso se debe su falta de cooperación.   Necesito escribir. No quiero.   Recojo mejor el teclado... Continue Reading →

Guatemala: a chance to talk with Heaven.

Heifer 12 x 12

My first day visiting Heifer projects in Guatemala, we got high. Specifically, we drove up, up and up to the highlands of Alta Verapaz and into the cloud forest– which is the last refuge of Guatemala’s national bird, the resplendent quetzal, as well as hundreds of other bird species that are quickly disappearing from the earth.

Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get high enough to go to the 50+ villages past the end of the road that are served by Proeval Raxmu, Heifer’s partner project in Alta Verapaz, because, before I came, the folks were told, “A woman is coming from the North and she can’t walk.”

Hmmm – for the record, I can walk and love to – but I suspect the Heifer folks weren’t sure I was up for a 5-hour jaunt into the cloud forest. (I totally was.) But what I saw in Chicoj Village was more…

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